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What will you laminate today

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  • Leitz

A laminator and laminating pouches are essential items in any office. Business cards, name badges, telephone lists, and announcements – the possibilities are endless. Lamination protects against dirt, liquid and moisture and gives ordinary paper a robust, high-gloss finish. Leitz makes laminating swift and simple. Even in our increasingly digital world, laminated signs, documents and other papers have a key role to play. Whatever you choose to laminate – a parking sign, your weekly planner, an ID card for an event, and more – it will last longer, be protected from water and dirt, and be reusable and easy to clean. 

Professional speed, professional results
Leitz’s innovative iLAM laminators are intuitive, convenient and hassle-free. They are designed to provide you with an outstanding combination of high quality and speed, with perfect results every time. What’s more, all iLAM devices are energy efficient, and turn off automatically after thirty minutes of inactivity.

The robust, reliable Leitz iLAM Office laminator, available in either A4 or A3 format, delivering professional results and convenience in a slim, attractive package. Requiring just one minute to warm up, this machine puts speedy lamination at your fingertips. It is suitable for 80 and 125 microns thick pouches, and no complicated settings need to be defined - eliminating hassle while delivering consistently excellent results. 

No more jams with UDT!
The Leitz iLAM Office laminators and Leitz iLAM pouches with Unique Direction Technology (UDT) are a match made with perfection in mind! The UDT features are built into iLAM pouches to eliminate some of the most common problems that occur during lamination.

Prior to lamination, UDT arrows on the iLAM pouch are clearly visible to ensure all documents inserted into the laminator are correctly aligned, every time. Incorrect alignment is a major cause of poor-quality lamination. An additional problem is improper temperature settings. UDT resolves this too, as the arrow pattern automatically disappears with the correct heat. If you are using a laminator other than iLAM and the arrows are still visible, simply run the pouch through for a second time until all markings have vanished. Then you can rest assured that your document is perfectly preserved.


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